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According to the CDC, traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of disability and death in the U.S. They occur mostly after falls and hitting sharp or hard objects. Car accidents are the third most common cause of such injuries.

The Importance of Working with an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer

Experience with brain injury is vital in these cases. The effects can last for days, years, or for the rest of the victim’s life. They can include thinking, memory, or sensation impairments. The victims physical and emotional functioning could be at risk as well.

Only an experienced brain injury lawyer can assess a claim of these proportions. It involves more than justifying property damage and basic medical care. The person filing the claim may need to estimate and justify the costs of complex treatments and procedures.

They will have to consider and justify disability-related expenses and physical and emotional pain. Besides wages, the victim may have the right to compensation for their lost earning capacity. When applicable, the compensation claim can even include loss of consortium. 

The usual procedure is to file the compensation claim with the insurer of the party at fault if any. Many take such claims lightly, but that is a wrong approach. In order to be successful, brain injury claims should receive the same attention as the most complex court trials. They require similar evidence. 

They often require investigations, consulting experts, and looking into case precedents. Someone recovering from car accident brain injury would certainly find that difficult, even impossible. At Cain Injury law, we know what a devastating impact these injuries can have.

We do our best to assess all their implications and secure the highest compensation possible for our clients. We also make it our mission to make the claim process hassle-free. This way, our clients can focus on recovering and moving on with their life, while we recover their losses. In our experience, a very important aspect of brain injury case outcomes is timely medical assistance.

The Importance of Receiving Immediate Medical Assistance after Traumatic Brain Injury

Anyone incurring head injuries should seek immediate medical assistance. Hopefully, the injury will be superficial and not affect the brain. However, if it does, every second that injury remains untreated could have severe repercussions.

On one hand, the injury may aggravate and have an even more dreadful impact on the life of the injured. In contrast, on the other hand, if it aggravates, the complications will be the sole responsibility of the sufferer. The defendant to their claim will argue that the complications occurred due to their negligence.

Those who incurred head injuries and did not seek medical assistance should look out for brain injury symptoms. These may appear days, weeks, or even months after the head injuries.

They can include:

  • Losing consciousness
  • States of confusion, headaches, light sensitivity
  • Drowsiness, nausea, balance loss
  • Sleepiness or insomnia
  • Blurry vision, ringing in the air, changing smell or taste, speech difficulties
  • Difficulty focusing and remembering things
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Ear or nose bleeding and dilated pupils
  • Toes or fingers numbness
  • Dilated pupils, nose or ear bleeding
  • Numbness or weakness in toes or fingers

Undiagnosed/untreated traumatic brain injury can lead to complications, disability, or death. However, diagnosis and treatment costs can be huge. For the diagnosis, MRI, X-ray, CT scans, angiograms and neurological exams are often necessary.

Treatments may include surgery, implants, painkillers, neuro-stimulants, and liver and gastric support medication. To recover, patients may need therapy, medical devices, and home care. The best person to document and recover all these costs is a brain injury lawyer.

They will know exactly how to approach the case and where to look for the necessary evidence. Similarly, they will take over all formalities, allowing their client a hassle-free recovery and will not hesitate to defend their client’s interests in court if the situation so requires.

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