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What Are The Laws Regarding Texting And Driving In Atlanta, Georgia?

Law regarding texting and driving in Georgia

There is no doubt that smartphones and other digital devices have simplified communication and have made it very easy for people to remain connected to family, friends, and colleagues. But at the same time, the temptation to constantly be online and in touch has resulted in an increase in the number of car accidents because […]

Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Mandatory?

Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Mandatory?

If you get into a car accident and you are not at fault, the at-fault driver is responsible. That is why after a car accident you exchange insurance information and car contacts. However, what happens if the driver responsible for your accident does not have insurance? Who will you submit your claim to? That is […]

What Should I Do if I Was injured in a Hit and Run Car Accident in Atlanta, GA?

car involved in a hit and run car accident Atlanta GA

What Should I Do if I Was injured in a Hit and Run Car Accident in Atlanta, GA? Car accidents are always devastating. There could be injuries and property damages. Your car may need to be repaired or replaced. When a hit and run car accident happens, it can be even more disastrous. Your vehicle […]

What is the New Hands-Free Law in Georgia?

hands-free law in Georgia

What is the New Hands-Free Law in Georgia? A new law has been enacted in Atlanta, GA. The hands-free law in Georgia now applies to all drivers within the state. This law prevents the holding and using a cell phone while driving. This means that you cannot hold your phone to talk. You cannot use […]

Can an Atlanta Accident Lawyer Represent Me in a Defective Tire Lawsuit?

defective tire lawsuit attorney Lawrenceville GA

Can an Atlanta Accident Lawyer Represent Me in a Defective Tire Lawsuit? Car accidents happen. They can be the result of many factors. One of the most common causes of car accidents is defective tires. Defective tires cause nine percent of car accidents in the United States. This factor is sometimes overlooked by the police. […]

How Can a Rear-End Collision Lawyer in Duluth, Georgia Help You?

rear-end collision lawyer Duluth GA

A tailgating car accident or rear-end collision can happen from many different factors. People on the road in Duluth, Georgia are susceptible to aggressive driving, and road rage as anyone else. Aggressive driving is behind many rear-end collisions. If you’re the victim of a tailgating car accident, you have options and should speak with a […]

Do I Need a Lawyer if the Other Driver Was Texting and Driving in Lawrencevile, Georgia?

texting and driving in Lawrenceville GA

Texting and driving in Lawrenceville, GA is illegal. This direct statement seems like it should go without saying, however accidents happen every day because of distracted driving. In Lawrenceville, Georgia, distracted driving is an umbrella term which includes texting and driving. But, throughout the last few years texting and driving car accidents are the most […]

Can I Prove That the Other Driver Was Texting and Driving in a GA Car Accident Case?

Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Let’s face it – it’s the 21st century, and most people on the road today have and use a cell phone. You don’t need to see facts, figures, and statistics to tell you that lots of people use their phones while driving. Texting and driving is illegal in the state of Georgia, but that certainly […]

Someone Rear-Ended My Car! What Happens After a Tailgating Car Accident in Duluth, GA?

Tailgating Car Accident Lawyer in Duluth, Georgia

Tailgating is legally usually called “following too closely,” and refers to a driver that fails to leave adequate space between itself and a vehicle in front of it. This is quite common on highways in Georgia, perhaps you’ve done it yourself, or – more likely – have experienced it while on the road. If you […]

How to Determine Car Accident Fault for Bad Weather Wrecks in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Over 385,000 car accidents were reported throughout the state of Georgia in 2015, according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. A National Safety Council report from February 2017 showed that the number of motor vehicle deaths within the state have increased by more than 30 percent since 2014. When these accidents and fatalities arise, […]


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