What Kinds of Problems Constitute Product Liability?

While there are a broad variety of products that can result in injuries, defective product liability claims are grouped into three categories:

  • Products with a defective design – in such cases, the product is dangerous in some sort of way, even though it was properly manufactured. Such cases do not involve a single faulty item, but instead a line of items that are claimed to be dangerous.
  • Goods that are defectively manufactured – in such instances, either a mistake was made at some point before the item was bought, or at the factory, which led to a faulty and dangerous item. In these cases, the particular item is different from other goods that ought to be identical.
  • Lack of sufficient instructions or warnings – in such cases, the packaging of the product either does not give sufficient instructions or an appropriate warning in terms of the correct use of the product that has caused an injury. Sometimes, these are called defective marketing claims.