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Dog Bite Attorney in Georgia

Many people love dogs. They are often called man’s best friend. Unfortunately, dogs are not always so lovable. Sometimes they attack, even when they are not provoked.

Dog bite victims can suffer serious injuries, including permanent scarring and disfigurement that can last for the rest of their lives. Children are particularly vulnerable.

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Victims of dog bite injuries have the right to claim compensation for the attack. However, claiming compensation for a dog bite injury is not always easy. The dog owner or an insurance company may try to deny the compensation victims deserve. Help is here. After you are injured, speak to a Georgia dog bite lawyer who can help with your case.

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Understanding Your Legal Rights After a Dog Attack in Georgia

In Georgia personal injury cases, injured persons must prove another person is liable for their injuries. Essentially the victim must prove that the dog’s owner failed to act with reasonable care to keep others safe.

In Georgia, bite or attack victims must show that the dog owner knew the dog had a history of aggressive or violent behavior. The bite victim must also establish that the dog owner acted carelessly. The victim might show the owner purposely released the dog or did not properly supervise the animal.

Victims who seek compensation after a dog bite or attack usually file a claim against the dog owner. Many people are hesitant to do this because the dog owner may be a friend or family member. However, a lawsuit or personal injury claim is usually a claim handled by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy and not the dog owner.

How a Georgia Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You

You may not think it is necessary to speak to a lawyer after being bitten by a dog. However, a lawyer can help in many ways after a bite or attack.

An attorney can help by proving that the dog owner was negligent. The attorney will conduct an investigation and collect evidence to show that the owner knew of the dog’s history. The attorney will show the dog owner should have taken additional steps to keep others safe.

An attorney will also:

  • Evaluate your claim.
  • Use experts to help substantiate your claim.
  • Explain the law on dog bites and how it pertains to your case.
  • Deal with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Answer all of your questions.

These are just a few of the ways an attorney can help with your claim. A lawyer will also be your advocate and work in your best interests at all times.

Compensation in a Dog Bite Settlement

The costs of a dog bite injury can quickly add up. In Georgia, victims are entitled to file a claim for compensation to help recover these costs. The damages available in a dog bite settlement include:

  • Medical costs – These expenses include the expenses associated with your medical care. The cost of doctor’s visits, prescription costs and rehabilitative therapy can be included in your claim.
  • Lost wages – When your injuries are very serious, you may have to miss time at work while recovering. You also may not be able to do the same kind of work in the future. Any loss of income and loss of earning capacity can be included in your claim.
  • Pain and suffering – Although your physical pain and suffering does not have a fixed value, it is still a loss. You can include this in your claim.
  • Emotional anguish – After a dog bite or attack, victims often develop a fear of the animals. They may have a traumatic memory of the incident. These losses should be included in your claim.
  • Disfigurement – Dog bites and attacks often leave victims with permanent scarring and disfigurement. The law recognizes that this is a loss and allows victims to claim compensation for it.

After reviewing your claim, an attorney can advise on the full amount of compensation for your injury claim.

What to Do if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog

The moments after a dog bite are extremely confusing. You likely feel very scared, and may not even understand how the attack happened. Still, it is important that you take the appropriate steps to protect any future claim you may file.

First, try to obtain as much information about the dog and the dog’s owner as you can. Make note of the dog’s breed, color, and size, and whether the dog was on a leash at the time of the attack. Ask the dog owner for his or her name, as well as contact and insurance information. Your lawyer will need this information when filing a claim.

If possible, take as many pictures of the scene as you can. Take a picture of the dog, your injuries, and any other relevant information, such as a sign warning people to beware of the dog. Signs such as these do not protect owners from liability. They can help prove that the owner knew the dog had vicious or violent tendencies.

As soon as you leave the scene of the bite or attack, seek medical attention. Even minor dog bite wounds can become infected. A dog’s mouth is full of bacteria that can make the infection dangerous. Seeing a doctor will help with any future claim you make. If you fail to get medical help, the insurance company will argue that you were not very injured. Seeing a doctor soon after the attack will help you document the full extent of your injuries.

After getting the medical help you need, report the dog bite. In Lawrenceville, victims can report the bite to the Gwinnett County Police Department. Once you make the report, an officer will investigate the bite or attack. The officer will also cite the dog owner and write an official report. Make sure you get a copy of this report. It can help document your claim with the insurance company.

After taking the above steps, speak to a dog bite lawyer to make sure your claim is taken seriously.

How Long Do You Have to File a Dog Bite Lawsuit in Georgia?

Every personal injury claim in Georgia has a statute of limitations, or a time limit. Dog bite cases are no different than other injury claims. The statute of limitations on dog bite claims in Georgia is two years from the date of the bite.

Before filing a claim, accident victims must deal with these issues:

  • Speak to any witnesses.
  • Deal with the insurance company.
  • Gather all medical records.
  • Collect information about time missed from work because of the injury.
  • Determine how any injuries will affect you in the future.

To ensure you meet these tasks, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. When claims are filed after the statute of limitations expires, you will likely forfeit any chance of claiming compensation.

Georgia Dog Bite Laws

Georgia has very specific laws regarding dog bites:

  • Dogs that are dangerous, or have the potential to be dangerous, must be registered in the state.
  • Dangerous dogs must be restrained when they are inside and outside. When outside, they must be in an enclosed area where they cannot escape.
  • When dangerous dogs are outside and not in an enclosed area, they must be muzzled and leashed, chained, or otherwise restrained by an individual.
  • Owners of dangerous dogs must purchase liability insurance or buy a surety bond worth $15,000 to pay for injuries should the dog bite someone.

Talk to a Dog Bite Lawyer in Georgia Now

Dog bites and attacks are serious, and no one should file a claim on their own. At Cain Injury Law, our Georgia dog bite lawyers can help you file a claim for the compensation that you deserve.

If you have been injured by a dog, call us today or contact us online to schedule a free case review with one of our attorneys.

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