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The “premises liability” law area covers situations when people incur injuries on someone else’s property. Such situations are frequent. Depending on the circumstances in which their injuries occurred, the victims may be entitled to compensation. The best way to assess their rights is to consult a premises liability attorney.

In order to provide an answer, the latter will consider several aspects:

  • The status of the injured person on the property
  • How the injuries occurred and whether the property owner could have reasonably avoided them
  • If any of the victim’s actions could have contributed to their injury

To understand why these aspects are so important, it helps to take a closer look at premises liability laws. These laws are among the first things a premises liability lawyer will explain to their clients.

Premises Liability Law or When to Contact a Georgia Premises Liability Attorney

Georgia premises liability law covers the duties of property owners/managers towards anyone on their property. These duties will depend on the reasons for the other party’s presence. From this point of view, Georgia Code Sections 51-3-1, -2, and-3 define three statutes:

  • Invitee: person the property owner brings on their property for their own interest
  • Licensee: person who comes to the property with the owner’s consent but pursues their own interest
  • Trespasser: person whose presence on the property is unauthorized, illegal

Under the law, property owners have to take reasonable measures to ensure invitees’ safety. These measures may refer to repairs, maintenance or warning about eventual dangers. When it comes to licensees, liability only applies to willful actions.

As far as trespassers are concerned, “attractive nuisances” may bring about property owner liability. The term defines dangerous conditions on the property that may attract children. Common examples include playground equipment, swimming pools, and more.

Many types of injuries fall under premises liability law. We will review the most common ones in the following lines.

Common Cases a Premises Liability Lawyer May Handle

  • Slip or trip and fall.
    Invitees incur injuries on slippery, wet, icy, or uneven floors on the host’s property. The person injured in the slip and fall accident will have to prove that the owner could have prevented the injuries but neglected to do so.
  • Dog bites.
    Dog bite injuries are the responsibility of the property owner if they also own or keep the dog. The claimant will have to show the owner failed to secure the premises and/or warn of the danger. The injured lose their right if the owner can prove they provoked the injuries.
  • Escalator or elevator accidents.
    Injuries due to improperly maintained escalators or elevators could be the liability of the owner. If they ensured maintenance but the service provider failed to do their job, the latter is liable for the injuries.
  • Inadequate fire safety.
    Burn injuries due to inadequate fire protection measures are the liability of the owner. They could fall on the service provider if the owner contracted third-party services.
  • Falling merchandise.
    These cases usually refer to injuries incurred in supermarkets. Sometimes, inadequately stored or secured merchandise falls and injures shoppers. The latter may seek compensation from the retailer. The rule does not apply to shoppers injured in personnel-only or restricted areas.
  • Recreational water illnesses.
    Those who contract waterborne illnesses at the swimming pool may sue the owner, manager, or their service provider.
  • Playground injuries.
    When children incur injuries while using defective playground equipment, the playground keeper should answer. However, in some cases, playground injuries are the result of inadequate supervision.

Of course, there are many other scenarios when a property owner could be liable for injuries. In most cases, the property owners or managers will try to blame the victim for the injuries. Under Georgia laws, the parties can share fault. Based on the available evidence, the court establishes their fault percentage. Each party is liable for a percentage of the losses equal to their fault percentage.

Premises liability cases can get quite complicated. They require following complex procedures and gathering solid evidence. In order to increase their chances to compensation, claimants should consult a premises liability lawyer.

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