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There are many vehicles on the road but there are also many bicycles. Many people aren’t aware just how common bicycle accidents are, or how vital it is to contact a bike accident lawyer, right away. Every year in the U.S., more than half a million cyclists are seen in emergency rooms for bicycle accidents, and an additional 700 are killed each year in cycling accidents. All in all, the U.S. has seen over 50,000 bicycle accident fatalities since 1930.

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Cyclists have no structural protection like that of a car or truck, and in the case of a collision or accident, injuries incurred can easily be catastrophic, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, severely broken bones, and even death. If you are suffering injuries after an accident involving a bicycle wreck, contact the experienced bike accident lawyer at Cain Injury Law.

If you or a loved one is involved in a bicycle accident, we urge you to consult an experienced bike accident lawyer today. It is your legal right to pursue damages for any injuries you have suffered as a result of your accident.

Here at Cain Injury Law, we have been representing victims injured in bicycle accidents for many years, and are regularly contacted by victims who have common questions about their bike accident, and how to best go about recovering damages. Cain Injury Law is proud to be able to fight each and every day for our clients to help educate them and empower them to be able to recover the damages and awards that they deserve. Don’t deal with any insurance companies directly – consult a bicycle accident lawyer first.

If I was a Cyclist in an Accident, What are My Rights? Can a Bike Accident Lawyer Help?

Anyone who is injured by the negligence of another has the right to seek damages to cover the costs of their injuries, and this is very much also true for cyclists. In fact, it is often more imperative for bicycle accidents because of the often catastrophic nature of the injuries incurred. Since bicycle accidents are unique in nature, it is vital that you consult an experienced bike accident lawyer as soon as possible before moving forward. We will help you ensure that evidence is preserved, witnesses are interviewed while their memories are fresh, and that you exceed any time limits stating when a case may be pursued. As experienced bicycle accident lawyers, the team at Cain Injury Law is ready to go to work for you right away.

I Was Hit by a Car While Riding a Bike – Do I Have the Same Rights as Pedestrians?

A common misconception among those involved in bicycle accidents is that cyclists are treated like pedestrians regarding legality. While arguably cyclists are as exposed and vulnerable to serious injury as pedestrians, legally, bicycles are treated more like a vehicle. For instance, cyclists have the responsibility to obey the same traffic laws as other vehicles on the road, though there are some traffic laws that apply specifically to bicycles. For instance, if a bicycle runs a stop sign, then the cyclist could be found to be at fault for any accident that occurs as a result, just as a driver of a motor vehicle would be. Due to the unique legal situation of bicycles in traffic law, it is important to ensure you have the highest chance of recovering your claim by consulting a bike accident lawyer before moving forward on any assumptions.

Who Can I Recover Damages From in a Georgia Bicycle Accident?

If you were involved in a bike accident in Georgia, then you may be able to recover damages from any negligent party. This means that anyone who did not take reasonable care to not cause injuries to other people. You could recover damages from some of the following:

  • A driver of a vehicle, including commuter and commercial vehicles.
  • A city, county, or other public entity that failed to design or maintain a safe roadway.
  • A bicycle manufacturer or retailer should the bike’s component parts fail and contribute to the accident.
  • A private property owner, if the safety conditions of the property contributed to the accident.
  • A repair shop failed to repair the bike properly.

As you can see, bicycle accident cases are often complex and can involve more than just those immediately involved in the accident. In order to ensure that you properly pursue any and all negligent parties, contact one of the knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyers at Cain Injury Law.

Could I Be Found at Fault for My Bicycle Accident?

Since Georgia state law treats bicycles essentially the same as it treats motor vehicles, the answer to this question is yes, and you could be found to be at fault, either in whole or in part, for any accident involving your bike. This includes violating traffic laws or other forms of negligence that would contribute to the bicycle accident.

The question of determining fault in the case of a bicycle accident, however, is often a complex one. For this reason, it is important for anyone involved in a bicycle accident to consult an experienced bike accident lawyer in Georgia who can investigate the accident and make their own independent determination of fault. Even if you, as the cyclist, are found to be partially at fault, you may yet be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

While being at fault may reduce the amount of your recovery, it does not necessarily preclude any recovery. To ensure you recover all you are entitled to, consult a bicycle accident lawyer at Cain Injury Law today. At Cain Injury Law, you will find the aggressive team you need to help fight for your case.

I Was Chased by a Dog on My Bike, and I Was Injured as a Result – Can I Seek Damages?

You may be surprised to learn this, but dog attacks are one of the most common causes of bicycle accident injuries. Even if the dog itself never touches you, if it simply chases you and causes you to fall from your bike, the dog’s owner may be found liable for your injuries – particularly if the owner knows that the dog tends to chase passersby. There is no need to feel silly or petty in this situation – you have been injured, and ultimately the dog’s owner should take responsibility for their role in your injuries.

How Much of a Difference Does a Helmet Make in Bicycle Accident Injuries?

While this may not be exactly a legal question, we believe it is an important one. Wearing a helmet could be the difference between surviving a bicycle accident and having a fatal one. Of all bicycle accidents each year, about 95% of those involve cyclists who were not wearing helmets. If you ride a bike, wear a helmet.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Georgia?

Bicycle accidents can have many causes that are distinct from other kinds of vehicle accidents, including dog chases and uneven pavement. Bicyclists can even be involved in accidents with motor vehicles where neither party is overly careless or negligent, such as debris falling from a moving truck. Here are some of the most common causes of bicycle-related accidents:

  • A driver who does not obey traffic laws or signals.
  • A driver who does not check their rear-view mirror before backing up.
  • A driver who turns without yielding.

  • A driver who fails to allow sufficient space when passing a cyclist.
  • A dog not controlled by the owner.

Since cyclists are so exposed and not protected by the large steel frame of a car, bicycle accident commonly involves serious injuries which incur large medical costs, and sometimes loss of life, having a huge impact on a family. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious bicycling accident contact the bike accident lawyers at Cain Injury Law right away. We are knowledgeable and experienced at pursuing damages in bicycle accident cases, and will work every day to ensure that you receive the damages to which you are entitled.

I Am a Cyclist Who Was Hit by a Driver without Insurance – Am I Out of Luck?

In the state of Georgia, drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. However, there is always a danger of being in an accident with a driver whose coverage has lapsed, or who simply do not have insurance. If you were struck on a bicycle by a driver who did not have insurance, it does not mean you won’t be able to recover any damages at all. In fact, if you carry uninsured motorist insurance on your own vehicle’s insurance policy, this policy could compensate you for your injuries, and in most cases, it will not affect your rates as long as you weren’t at fault. For more information, contact one of our bike accident lawyers today.

The Dangers of Bicycle Accidents in Georgia

Bicycles are a very popular mode of transportation, particularly in recent years due to rising gas prices and an emphasis on eco-friendly travel. Whether you ride for exercise, pleasure, or simply to escape the traffic on your daily commute, there is, unfortunately, an ever-rising probability of a bicycle accident occurring due to growth and higher traffic rates.

While bicyclists are sometimes found at fault in crashes, and they are held to the same traffic laws as any other motor vehicle, in most cases we find bicycle accidents occur because drivers on the road are careless, don’t know how to safely share the road with a cyclist, or because those drivers merely don’t like bicyclists, and don’t want to give riders the respect that they would afford to any other motorist – or pedestrian, for that matter – on the roads.

Bicycle Accidents in Georgia Place Everyone at Risk

In the case of a bicycle accident, the cyclist is vulnerable to many different types of injuries – and all too often, the cyclist is actually thrown from the bike at the time of the crash, potentially sending them into oncoming traffic or otherwise placing many others at risk. Some of the common injuries incurred by cyclists during a bicycle accident include:

Victims who are injured in bicycle accidents deserve to be compensated not only for their immediate costs as a result of the accident but for the ongoing and future costs of their injuries. In the tragic case that the bicycle accident results in death, the surviving family can recover wrongful death damages, which can include funeral costs, medical expenses which were incurred before death, lost financial contributions of the victim, and damages for loss of companionship.

This compensation can be obtained by the driver or otherwise responsible negligent party after the bicycle accident – but don’t try to take on the complicated legal system regarding bicycle accidents and insurance companies alone. Consult an experienced bike accident lawyer in Georgia today – the team here at Cain Injury Law has been serving for years, and we will work hard to ensure that your legal fight is as stress-free as possible and that you recover the maximum possible damages to which you are entitled.

For those who have been injured in a bicycle accident, you do not need to bear those costs alone. The driver or other responsible parties in your crash are required by Georgia state law to ‘make you whole’ again. Unfortunately, in these cases and other accident cases, insurance companies who represent drivers will consistently attempt to cut corners, make low-ball offers, or even deny your legitimate claim outright to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve.

Before you speak to any insurance companies or their representatives, we urge you to seek representation by an experienced bicycle accident attorney at Cain Injury Law. Insurance companies approach cases very differently when they see that the victim has legal representation, and our knowledgeable bike accident lawyer will advocate for you, gather evidence, build your case, represent you in a court of law, negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, and fight every day for your right to due compensation as a result of your bicycle accident. Insurance adjusters can be difficult. Let the experienced bike accident lawyer at Cain Injury Law fight hard for you and defend your rights today. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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