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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can also be a surprising enemy. There are countless stories of the family dog suddenly turning on a child, causing significant damage to the face or body. This is only one example of situations where a dog can attack. It can happen to anyone of any age and with a dog you know or one you have never seen before that day.

This is a problem, and the problem gets worse when the dog does not belong to the family, and the dog owner refuses to take responsibility for the animal’s behavior and resulting injuries. If that happens, however, there are experienced legal professionals who can help you navigate the difficult times following a dog bite. After being attacked by an animal, a bigger fight can be ahead with insurance companies and dog owners. Let the team of aggressive lawyers at Cain Injury Law fight for you and your rights.

Dog Bite Statistics in the US

The Center for Disease Control reports that roughly 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States on an annual basis. Of those bites, 900,000 get infected and require significant amounts of treatment. Considering the population of the US, that means 1 in 72 people are bitten by a dog each year. The CDC reports that more than half of those bitten are children, and they also state that men are more likely than women to suffer dog bites.

The need for a dog bite lawyer comes when it is determined that the dog owner was negligent and allowed the situation to happen. It is also a good idea to get into contact with a dog bite lawyer when the bite is going to have a strong impact on the future of the person bitten. In other words, if work is not going to be possible or disfigurement has occurred, that is a good time to consult a dog bite lawyer on how to move forward.

Clayton Cain practices law. His experience includes dog bites and related legal matters. Anyone dealing with a dog attack should arrange a consultation with the experienced staff at Cain’s practice.

Cain is the dog bite lawyer you will need if the dog owner is not responding to requests for assistance or taking responsibility for the actions of his or her pet. Cain Injury Law are ready to defend your rights and fight for the compensation you need. This type of case can happen anywhere. For those with dog bite issues, Cain Injury Law has a dog bite lawyer that handles cases.

Fatalities Due to Dog Bites in the US

In an even more sad twist, a man’s best friend causes death on a number of occasions, According to statistics from, 392 people were killed in the US by dog bites over a 12-year period. Beginning with statistics from 2005 and ending with 2016, 254 people were killed by Pit Bulls, and 43 were killed by Rottweilers. The remaining deaths were caused by German Shepherds, American Bulldogs, Mixed Breeds, Mastiffs, or Bull Mastiffs and Huskies.

A dog bite lawyer can help you deal with a stressful situation like this, where a dog attacked and left damage that requires extensive surgery to repair or cannot be fully repaired. A dog attack is something that leaves long-term mental scars as well. Support from legal counsel that is experienced and can help you think of all the issues related to this event can be very valuable.

Dog Bites By Breed

As noted in the fatalities, the Pit Bull breed tends to make up a large number of dog bite reports that occur annually. Part of the reason for this is the lack of appropriate information. Pit Bull is not a specific breed but rather a category of dog that includes a variety of breeds. Certain characteristics like skull shape, body size, and coat color lead to the pit bull designation. Therefore, unlike a Rottweiler or German Shepherd, the Pit Bull category can cover a larger number of dogs that bite.

Still, the number of reported bites by specific breeds can be surprising. According to The American Veterinary Medical Association, or, in addition to Pit Bulls, dog breeds that commonly show up in dog bite reports include German Shepherds, Jack Russell Terriers, Rottweilers, Spaniels, Collies, Saint Bernards, and Labrador Retrievers. Mixed breeds also are common in bite reports, making it harder to predict whether a dog will bite.

A dog bite lawyer like Cain can help you determine whether there was evidence the dog you are dealing with was a danger before the bite occurred. This can help in showing the owner was negligent in letting it run loose or creating other circumstances where the dog had the opportunity to hurt someone.

Information Your Lawyer Will Need Regarding a Dog Bite

If a bite has occurred, the situation is getting out of hand, and you aren’t sure how to proceed, it is time to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer. In order to provide the lawyer a better idea of the situation and all that has occurred up to this point, it is wise to gather information for him. That information should include:

  • Everything you know about the dog; the owner’s name and address, any prior history of bites, any history of running loose or otherwise endangering people
  • The time and date the dog bite occurred
  • All medical records associated with the bite
  • A police report or the police who responded on the day of the attack
  • Time lost at work or school due to the dog bite and the treatment that has been necessary
  • What happened to the dog after the incident (to the best of your knowledge)
  • Names of others in the neighborhood who witnessed the attack or have experience with that particular dog

Hiring an aggressive dog bite lawyer that is ready to defend the victim is the best way to be able to focus on what is important – i.e., your injuries or the injuries of a loved one, and know that someone is handling the legal aspects, the potential handling of the hospital bills and making sure that the dog will be dealt with to protect others from future injury. Dog bite lawyers have connections in the community that can help with details related to the case and can make sure the dog is handled appropriately.

Postal Workers are At Risk for Dog Bites

It has long been a running joke that dogs dislike postal workers. However, it is no joke that when the US Postal Service (USPS) released statistics for dog bites to postal carriers in 2016, the number is at 6,755. That is an increase of 200 attacks over reports for 2015.

There are 41 cities that are ranked in the top 30 in the US for dog attacks (there are six ties and two three-way ties). Los Angeles, CA, gets the dubious distinction of the top ranking, with 80 attacks reported in the city in one year.

When it comes to pursuing legal action about a bite at work, it is important to reach out to dog bite lawyers who have the experience and can lay out your options in a concise manner. Legal action in relation to work injuries can sometimes get tricky. Talking to a dog bite lawyer who knows the incident and can help guide you through the work-related details can make a big difference in how the case turns out.

Tips to Protect Your Postal Carrier

Here are some things to keep in mind as a dog owner who regularly receives mail. There are some ways to make sure your postal carrier is safe from your pet. Even if your pet has never bitten anyone before, it could happen. Consider the following to keep your pet and postal carrier both safe:

  • Put your dog in a separate room before opening the door for the postal carrier.
  • Let your carrier know that you own a dog. There is a specific area on a Package Pickup application that can inform your carrier that you have a dog on the property.
  • Make sure family members and visitors do not attempt to get mail directly from the carrier with the dog present. This can cause the dog to act protective and can lead to a dog bite.
  • Do not let your dog run loose, particularly around the time your carrier regularly visits your home. This can put your dog at risk, but it also increases the risk for your carrier to be injured.

How to Protect Children Against Dog Bites

There are some measures that can be taken to help decrease the risk of dog bites. Since the majority of attacks are made on children, the following tips can help keep your children safe:

  • Do not walk up to a dog you don’t know. Teach children this, as they especially like to pet animals and will attempt contact with an unfamiliar dog.
  • Do not run from a dog
  • Do not panic when faced with a dog you do not know
  • Do not interfere with a dog that is taking care of her puppies. It is also unwise to make contact with a dog that is eating or sleeping.
  • Do not leave small children with a dog without an adult present.
  • Be calm if a new dog approaches you. Avoid direct eye contact. Use a deep, firm voice and say “No” or “Go.”
  • In case of an attack, try to put clothing or a bag in between you and the animal. If you are knocked to the ground, curl up in a ball and protect your head, placing your hands over your ears and neck.

In Case of a Dog Bite, Medical Treatment is Key

When dog bites occur, the first step is to make sure it is cleaned and seek medical attention. For minor wounds, wash the area with soap and water. Apply antibiotic cream and cover the area with a bandage. If the area becomes warm, red, or swollen or you develop a fever, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

For significant wounds, apply pressure with a clean and dry cloth to stop any bleeding. Call 911 if you are unable to stop the bleeding on your own and if you are unable to travel to a healthcare provider. Otherwise, visit an emergency room or doctor as soon as possible.

There are numerous diseases that you can contract from a dog bite. The most well-known is rabies, a serious illness that can cause death in humans if the proper treatment is not received. Other possible illnesses include MRSA, Tetanus, and Pasteurella.

The time to get in touch with dog bite lawyers is when the initial medical visits are over, and a plan of action is in place to deal with the wounds, such as medical treatment or surgery. The first priority is making sure the victim of the dog attack is going to recover. Then, it is helpful to the dog bite lawyers to know what additional treatments are necessary. They can help you make plans for lost time at work, get in touch with the right people at the insurance company who will be handling the medical bills and organize your thoughts to be sure of how things may progress regarding the case.

A dog bite attorney can help you figure out the next steps in a process that you hoped never to experience. Doctor visits, determining fault regarding the dog attack, and resulting punishment for the dog owner and the dog itself are all going to be part of the process. Consulting a Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer can help you get an idea of how things will progress, what to expect, and what your responsibilities will be throughout the legal case.

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