What Not To Do After A Car Accident

after an auto accident

Several car accidents occur in and around Atlanta every day. While most of these accidents are minor fender benders, some are also serious and often result in injury and property damage. The problem is that with so many cars on the road these days,and the increasing number of distracted drivers, the number of car accidents continues to increase. If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident in Atlanta GA, you should contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer immediately.

All drivers are required to follow certain rules and regulations when they drive. Similarly, drivers are also expected to follow some rules if they get into a car accident. Getting into an accident can be quite stressful, even if you are not at fault. At such a time, people can panic and make mistakes. That is why it is important to remember what you’re expected to do if such an unfortunate situation occurs and what you should NOT do in such a scenario:

  1. Do not run away. No matter whose fault it is or even if you think you may have hit a pole or a wild animal, never ever run away from the scene of the accident. This is something that could get you inbig trouble even if it was not your fault. Always remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and allow you to leave. If another driver is involved, exchange insurance and car registration details. Whatever you do, do not run away.
  2. Do not leave the injured: If you are involved in a car accident and someone is injured, whether it is the other driver, passenger or a pedestrian, you are required to provide basic assistance to the injured individual including transporting them to the nearest hospital. You just cannot leave someone injured at the scene. You have to do what is morally right, and if you do not, chances are you may get arrested. If you are also hurt and in no condition to help someone else, call 911. If you can’t call, ask someone else to do it for you.
  3. Don’t forget to call 911: Some drivers believe that if no one is injured or hurt following a car accident, they do not need to call 911. That is a misconception. You might think no one is injured or you might assume the accident is not serious, but everyone is not a qualified doctor or nurse. You cannot make this assumption without a qualified doctor confirming this belief. That is why the most sensible thing to do is to call 911.
  4. Do not lie to the police: Some drivers get involved in a car accident and then agree between themselves that they will let their own insurance company handle the claim and bypass the police. This is a bad idea. You have no idea if the other driver has valid insurance or car registration. Or the other driver may suddenly blame you by reporting the case to the police, stating that you left the scene. Don’t take such a risk. Call the police and get a police report. Do not skirt the system or it will come back to haunt you. Play by the rules, and you will be safe.
    Always remain calm. Don’t lie but don’t say too much either. Do not admit to any fault. Anything you say at the scene can be used against you in a court of law.Just be polite, offer your help, call 911 and wait for the police to arrive. Don’t forget that you also need to inform your insurance company about the accident.

Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

If you were injured in a car accident and you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries, you may be entitled to compensation.If you need help, call an Atlanta car accident lawyer at Cain Injury Law. Atlanta, GA follows an at-fault system which means that the driver who is at fault is responsible for paying damages to the other party. Call our Atlanta car accident attorney today for more information. We understand that this might be a stressful time for you, but you have to be sensible, and you have to make sure that the other driver does not get away without paying for the damages they caused. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, and we will be happy to assist you.