When to Call a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Lawrenceville, GA

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It seems like everyone has dogs, right? So, what made this one dog act out against you? Either way a dog bite injury are no small matter. A dog bite can result in you or a child sustaining permanent damage. Severe injuries, permanent scarring and the mental stress from dog injuries are only the beginning.

Children and the elderly are especially at risk of a dog bite injury although adults are also susceptible to harm from another person’s pet. Unfortunately, it’s always the adults, children, or elderly who are attracted to animals that encounter dog bite injuries.

It might not even have been the dog’s fault. Startling a dog, surprising it, or approaching it from an unknown blind spot are sure ways to provoke a naturally aggressive attack. That is the situation though, whether the dog intentionally bit you or not, they are animals with an attack response.

How Does the Law Protect Me in Lawrenceville, GA?

The State of Georgia has various laws that cover how decisions are made surrounding dog bite injuries. Typically, the dog owner takes responsibility for the dog bite liability. But, there are two requirements to prove liability for the dog bite injuries.

The State of Georgia laws on animal injury and control is very clear; these are relevant throughout Lawrenceville, Georgia. A dangerous dog that has a careless owner must take the dog bite liability. However, proving these two requirements takes time and effort.

First, establishing the dog as “dangerous” or “vicious” relies on the dog’s history. So, if this is the dog’s first attack the case might not see a favorable resolution. However, if the dog has any vicious history, this dog bite liability can easily satisfy the first requirement.

Secondly, you must prove that the dog’s caretaker was careless in managing the dog. Usually, leash laws or requiring a dog to heel cover the liability of a dog owner. However, when a dog doesn’t wear their leash or strays from their owner, the dog bite liability returns to the person managing the dog at the time.

I’ve Heard of the First Bite Law, What Does It Mean?

The “First Bite” rule is a statute that works as a tool to identify vicious dogs. Even if the dog has no violent history or known aggressive behavior their first bite isn’t automatically forgiven.

Instead, if the dog wasn’t on a leash or properly at heel, this is proof that both the manager was careless, and the dog is vicious.

Essentially the best bet for a smooth case for dog bite liability is for the owner to keep their dog off a leash. But, there are some jurisdictions in Georgia which don’t require a dog to wear a leash. In these jurisdictions, it is more difficult for the victims of dog bite injuries to see a resolution.

If you’re in a jurisdiction that doesn’t require dog owners to leash or heel their dogs the first bite rule works in a slightly different manner. In these situations, the owner isn’t responsible for the dog bite liability in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Then, if this is the first time the animal resulted in dog bite injuries you must prove the owner or dog manager has reason to suspect the vicious nature of their dog.

How Does the State of Georgia Determine a Dog as Vicious?

We’ve seen both a straightforward law and then a rule that works to create exceptions for dog bite liability. But, in the end, how are vicious dogs identified in Lawrenceville, Georgia?

The important questions used to prove dog bit injuries and dog bite liability are:

  • Was the dog confined, and should it have been?
  • Has the dog received training for an attack command?
  • Has the dog received training to attack intruders or those who may cause bodily harm to their owner?
  • Does the dog have a vicious past?
  • Was the dog on a leash?
  • Is it reasonable that the owner knew of the dog’s dangerous nature?
  • Was a child injured?
  • Was the attack in a public place?

These questions will help an attorney, judge, and jury identify the vicious nature of the dog. These questions will also help identify whether the dog manager was careless in anyway. The dog bite liability issue present in these situations needs clarification in every case because all dog bite injury cases are unique.

When Should I Call a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer?

For dog bite injuries you should contact a lawyer as soon as you’re ready. Take the time to nurse your injuries, however, keep thorough records of any medical bills and time lost at work.

If you or your child has sustained dog bite injuries in Lawrenceville, Georgia speak with an attorney to see the options available to you. It’s important to pursue legal action to prevent the dog from causing future injury to others. The owner or manager of the dog at the time of the attack should take responsibility for the dog bite liabilities.

Call the offices of Cain Injury Law, use the chat function on their website, or complete their contact form to hear from a lawyer. They can assist you in pursuing legal options relevant to your dog bite injuries.