Always Go to a Doctor after a Georgia Car Accident!

Medical Checks Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Involved in a Georgia car accident? If you have not done it yet, you should seek medical attention immediately. In the aftermath of an accident, with adrenaline rushing through your veins, you do not feel pain.

You are probably angry at the party at fault for your accident and worried about the consequences. Also, finding a repair shop and contacting a Georgia car accident lawyer are probably your priorities. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but your health and wellbeing should come first.

Even accidents occurring at low speed can cause injuries. They start from neck sprains and whiplash, and they can go as far as spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. No matter how insignificant or serious the injuries are, it is important to diagnose them early. The best way to do that is to undergo a medical check immediately after the accident.

Why is It So Important to Undergo a Medical Check After a Georgia Car Accident?

In theory, if you are not in pain and you have no visible injuries, you should be alright. In practice, many injuries start showing symptoms hours of days after the accident that caused them. Common injury symptoms are headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, confusion, insomnia, and anxiety.

Sometimes, the injuries are mild and heal by themselves or only require pain management medication. Other times, the symptoms indicate more severe injuries that need complex evaluations and treatments.

In all cases, a timely diagnosis can help keep costs under control and streamline the compensation claims process. At the opposite end, delays in diagnosing accident injuries could affect compensation rights. An experienced Georgia car accident lawyer will always advise clients to seek medical attention immediately.

The Consequences of Disregarding Georgia Auto Wreck Attorney Advice on Doctor Consultations

Many insurance companies send their agents to accident scenes to settle matters quickly and cheaply. They offer the potential claimants compensation meant to cover the incurred property damage. By accepting the compensation, accident victims give up further rights and claims. Any injuries diagnosed after that are their own responsibility.

Even when there are no immediate settlement offers, waiting can be risky.

Under Georgia laws, to recover losses related to their injuries, accident victims have to prove that:

  • The party at fault owed them a duty of care
  • They breached their duty intentionally or by negligence
  • Their negligence or intentional wrongdoing caused the injuries and any further complications

As time goes by, the connection between the accident and the injuries becomes more difficult to establish. The defendant may argue that the claimant’s injuries occurred under different circumstances. They may have fallen, had a bike accident or hit their head.

The defendant may also argue that the claimant’s injuries worsened due to their own negligence. Postponing the medical consultation or failing to follow doctor’s advice could qualify as negligence. It will significantly diminish the amount the claimant can receive as compensation.

Let’s say you were in a Georgia car accident and ended up with a broken rib. If you treat it immediately, you should recover all your losses, perhaps even pain and suffering. Also, if you wait and the rib perforates your lung, it will be almost impossible to recover all losses. After all, had you treated your broken rib on time, there would be no lung injuries to worry about.

Therefore, a detailed medical examination should be the priority of any accident victim. If the doctors confirm they are uninjured, they can then focus on recovering property damages. If they incurred injuries, they can receive a diagnosis, undergo treatment, and recover their expenses. Their Georgia auto wreck lawyer can then take over all the formalities.

It is important to keep in mind that compensation for car accident injuries can reach huge amounts. It depends on injury severity, treatment specifics, and any related losses the victim incurred. Compensation also depends on the skills and experience of the auto wreck attorney handling the case.

Let an Experienced Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help with Your Case!

Were you involved in a Georgia car accident? You have two things to do: see a doctor and call us. The order is not important, as long as you do not wait for too long. The law only allows two years for car accident injuries compensation claims. Diagnosing, treating, and documenting injuries is not always easy. To avoid mistakes or delays, it is better to start early and take your time.

At Cain Injury Law, we can provide all the advice and support you may need. From recommending doctors to reviewing medical reports and assessing claim value, we have done it all.

Let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve as soon and as easily as possible! All you have to do is call (678) 377-2246 and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Georgia car accident lawyer. Our team is ready to use their experience and resources to your benefit!