Do I Need a Lawyer After My Child Experiences a Playground Injury in Duluth, Georgia?

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Of course, after your child is injured, you have several questions, including whether you need an attorney. A Playground injury happens all the time, but who’s fault is it? The CDC cites that there are hundreds of thousands of trips to the emergency room every year because of playground safety issues.

The volume of injuries in Duluth Georgia is substantial compared to other cities. An attorney can help you see what options are available and identify who was liable for your child’s playground injuries. Ultimately, all parents want to see an increase in playground safety.

If your child was seriously injured because of a lack of playground safety in Duluth, Georgia, you have legal options. However, it’s important to know that not every injury will result in a favorable solution.

Who is Liable for a Playground Injury in Duluth, GA?

For children who are injured because of a lack of playground safety, the person liable varies based on the situation. Your attorneys and possibly a judge will decide, based on the situation, if your case permits legal action.

The injuries resulting from a lack of playground safety typically place liability on the person supervising the child. If a case does go to court, its usually under the premise of the negligence of supervision.

However, in some instances, the person or company responsible for maintaining the equipment can be liable. There is also the possibility that the company who manufactured the playground equipment failed to meet playground safety standard. If you believe the playground injury resulted from a manufacturer’s negligence, call an attorney as soon as possible.

If your child sustained playground injuries, a lawyer could give you options for liability and the charges which may apply. Deciding on whether to pursue legal action is difficult. Usually, parents know the person who was supervising their child, these are delicate situations.

What If My Child Was Away from Me?

In Duluth, Georgia there are a lot of playgrounds. Consider that there’s a playground in nearly every school, day-care center, and park. Many of these places don’t meet every parent’s playground safety standard. An attorney that can review your case should understand playground safety compliance if you suspect the playground injury was a result of manufacturer defect.

Because playground facilities are everywhere you child could sustain playground injuries at school, when playing with a friend, or while at a park with a babysitter. Who your child was with doesn’t change the fact that they were injured.

What Counts as a Playground Injury and How Do They Happen?

The most common types of playground injuries are falls, injuries related to equipment failure, and collisions. Falls are simple to understand; your child’s hands lose grip of the monkey bars, or they miss a step climbing a ladder.

However, injuries related to equipment failure are a little less transparent. Equipment failure can include a swing hinge coming lose, or a bold in the slide lifting causing injury. Many of these injuries are severe, and you should immediately seek the assistance of a lawyer.

If you believe that the person responsible for watching your child was providing inadequate supervision, you can seek charges based on negligence resulting in injury. In Duluth, Georgia playground safety begins with proper supervision.

Ensure that whoever was watching your child understands what adequate supervision means. All playground safety relies on the manufacturers requiring adult supervision at all time.

In certain circumstances, the supervision was perfectly fine, but the maintenance was negligent. If the equipment was poorly maintained or need repair but the owner of the property still permitted children to play, they are responsible. Equipment maintenance includes replacing rusty chains and deteriorated plastic parts.

Many equipment manufacturers assure parents that their top priority is playground safety. However, that doesn’t mean that the occasional company won’t try to cut corners. Unsafe equipment shouldn’t be present in playgrounds. If you noticed the equipment itself was the problem that led to your child’s injuries in Duluth, Georgia, contact an attorney.

When Should I Call a Lawyer?

A lawyer can help you pursue a personal injury claim or in some situations a wrongful death claim. With legal help, you can review the situation with the safety standard and expectations in mind. To find a resolution for outstanding medical, pain and suffering and lost time at work while you cared for your child, speak with an attorney.

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