What Happens After an Uber Accident in Gwinnett County?

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Riding in an Uber is more common than taking a taxi these days. Uber and other ride-share companies offer the convenience of getting transportation simply by using a Smartphone app. These companies have quickly revolutionized city travel. There may be some disadvantages to utilizing these types of services including how to handle accidents. If you are injured in an Uber accident, it ii helpful to discuss the matter with a Gwinnett County Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Insurance Requirements for Uber Drivers in Georgia

Georgia law requires all drivers to carry at least some type of insurance. Additional insurance requirements are in place for ride-share companies. A transportation network company, such as Uber, must maintain an insurance policy that recognizes covers drivers even though they are considered contracted workers. Minimum requirements for the policy are at least $1 million coverage for personal injury, death or property damage for each incident. In addition, the insurance policy must include coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists of at least $1 million per occurrence.

Uber drivers are covered by the company insurance policy under various circumstances including when they are waiting for passenger requests, while they are in transit to pick up passengers and when have passengers in their vehicles. They should also have their own insurance policies in place which they use when they are not working.

What to Do After an Uber Accident

If you were injured in an Uber accident in Duluth, GA, get medical attention immediately. Make sure that the driver calls the police to the scene of the crash. The police will take driver and witness statements and try to determine the cause of the accident. In addition to the police report, the company requires a report of all Uber accidents.

The driver is responsible for reporting the incident to Uber; however, this may not always happen. Sometimes the driver does not want to report the accident to the company for fear he will lose his driving privileges. This is particularly true if the crash was his fault of if this was not his first accident. You should contact the company to ensure they are aware of the incident. You can report the occurrence directly through the Uber phone app.

Who is to Blame for a Georgia Uber Accident?

If you were injured in an Uber accident in Gwinnett County, Georgia you need to know which driver was at fault. The negligent driver is responsible for the accident and any injuries and damages that occurred. There could be multiple drivers who are responsible for the crash. The insurance company reviews details of the crash including the police report to determine how the accident happened. Once it is determined who was negligent, the company assigns a percentage of fault to each driver. Therefore, even a driver who was partly responsible for an accident could receive compensation. As a passenger, you are entitled to collect compensation for all the injuries and damages you sustained in the crash, regardless of which driver was to blame.

For these reasons, Uber accident resolution can be complicated. It is helpful to seek assistance from a Gwinnett County Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will immediately gather information and documentation from all sources to proceed. An experienced Uber accident lawyer works with the insurance company to obtain compensation to cover your expenses. You may also be entitled to punitive damages such as money for pain and suffering.

What if Uber Denies Responsibility?

Uber will contact you after you report an accident. You might be asked to make a statement about the accident and to tell them what you saw. Uber typically completes their own investigation of the accident before they decide how they want to proceed. Sometimes they deny that the crash was their driver’s fault and therefore may refuse to cover your medical costs.

If Uber or any other ride share service fails to take responsibility for the accident you may need to take legal action. A Duluth Uber accident lawyer knows how to handle these situations and will always work to protect your rights. It is important to remember that you might have some ongoing expenses that you need to pay. For instance, if you suffered a serious back injury you could require ongoing therapeutic or rehabilitative care for a long period of time. Additionally, you may be unable to work immediately following the injury. You should not have to suffer financial losses because of someone else’s negligence.

Steps to Take After an Uber Accident in Duluth, GA

There is nothing a passenger can do to prevent a vehicle crash. If you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle, you should always wear your seatbelt. This helps to protect you and keep you from sustaining serious injuries in a crash. Try to remain aware of the driving conditions and get out of the vehicle if the driver is unsafe.

Remain on the scene of a crash to speak with police before you continue to your destination. The driver may want to exchange information with the other driver without police involvement. This could cause problems for you later. Therefore, if the driver seems unwilling to call the police, you should make the call. Obtain the driver’s name and information such as driver’s license number and license plate number. If you were hurt, you should get medical attention immediately. Keep track of all your medical costs and any other expenses that you incurred due to the accident. The law limits the time to file a legal claim, so it is beneficial to contact a Gwinnett County Uber accident attorney as soon as possible.

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