What To Do Immediately After Getting Bit By A Dog

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Most dogs are very friendly and loving, but under some circumstances, even the sweetest pup can snap and bite you. Dog bites are quite common depending on what you are doing, and that is why you should be careful with them. If the owner is not close by, it is best to stay away from a dog that you do not know. Practicing caution is always the best option in such a case.

However, an event may lead to your biting, and it is vital that you act fast. A dog bite can lead to various infections, so it is a must that you go to the doctor immediately. You may not want any trouble with the dog owner, but by you hiding the bite, you may cause more harm to yourself.

Depending on the circumstances that led to the bite, you can sue for compensation from the owner. In such a case, you need a dog bite attorney to guide you on what to do. With sufficient evidence, you can get enough to cover your bills and trauma from the bit.

What Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers Advise You To Do Immediately After Being Bitten By A Dog

It is quite unfortunate having to go through such an experience. However, you have to be very sharp on the next steps to protect yourself. Here are some of the steps to take immediately after being bitten:

Go to the Hospital

Dog bites can be very dangerous and cause infections, and that is why you need to hurry to the hospital. The wound can get infected quite fast due to the bacteria on the dog’s teeth and saliva, so a doctor needs to clean it. Some dogs haven’t received rabies vaccination meaning that they could be infected hence infecting you. In some cases, you may bleed thus losing a lot of blood that can also be quite dangerous for you. Ensure that you also take photos of the damaged area before it treatment as you will need some evidence.

Get the Contact Information of the Owner

It is essential that the dog’s owner and you to exchange information to make reaching out easier. If you will report the incident, it is best that you have the details of both the owner and the dog as the police will need it. That will also come in handy when determining the guilty party once investigations begin.

Identify Witnesses

There are bound to be witnesses in most places or even some footage that will help your case. If there are eyewitnesses, talk to them and if they are willing to support your statement, get their contact details. Ensure to gather as much evidence as possible to help your story. That is because you need to prove that you did not do anything that could have led to the biting.

Report to Animal Control

It is essential to make a report in order so that they can conduct investigations on the incident. If a stray dog bit you, reporting would ensure that he is captured. That will prevent someone else from falling victim to a similar attack.

There is a statute of limitations as to when you can file a lawsuit on a dog bite case. In Georgia, you have up to two years after which the court will not listen to your situation without good reason.

Some counties in Georgia require that owners keep their dogs on a leash in public places. That includes parks, in town, and sidewalks. If in your county this is a requirement, then you have a solid case if the dog wasn’t on a leash.

On the other hand, you have to be completely innocent to file a case so you shouldn’t have approached or provoked the animal. If in case you may have done that, your injury lawyer will help you identify an appropriate defense.

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If you get a dog bite from any dog within the state, you need to report it. That is especially important if you did not do anything to provoke the animal. These cases are common, and so it is easy to find an attorney with experience in the area. At Cain Injury Law, you have access to dog bite lawyers who deal with such cases often. As a result, we know exactly how to approach the situation and get you compensated.